Venustas Health/Clinic is owned by Louise Sledmore-Hyde (Left) a State Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience in the NHS, Louise will only use and offer products which are organic and promote wellbeing.

Louise Sledmore-Hyde

As an example of our product research, Louise stumbled upon CBD oil quite by accident when a friend of hers Jonathan needed some natural pain relief following persistent lower back issues. Having tried a number of manufacturers, it was obvious not all CBD oil was the same and it was important to know what was going into the body. It was also felt the cheaper oils didn’t live up to the hype. Louise finally settled upon the brand Milagro due to the organic nature of the CBD oil and the fact it was registered with the FSA. A number of conversations followed with the producer and it was agreed Louise would set up Venustas Health to sell Milagro & other products of similar ilk, and the rest is history!

Louise then added further products to our portfolio with always the same ethos and that was quality products with a proven track record at a reasonable cost.

To start off with Louise let her friends and family try the products for feedback. There are no guarantees though, we’re all unique, our bodies all react differently to what we consume, but if you’d like a friendly chat on CBD oil or any of our other products then don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re not a faceless website, Louise genuinely does care about her products and the benefits you may gain from taking them.

Simply contact Louise for an informal conversation on 07813 482135.