Lemon Oil

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For January 2024 only we are giving away our out of date stock, some products don’t deteriorate and essential oils are one of those products that last the distance, but it has still passed it’s sell by date. Louise will put these in a bath to make an aromatic bath, or scented candles that she makes or oil burning diffusers they still smell beautiful and a shame to waste, so if you are willing to take a chance, grab yourself a bargain as we send out 1 essential oil with every purchase.

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Milagro essential CBD oil blends are combination of pure oils that all work well together to promote something specific like relaxation, energy, happiness and much more. 

Categories: infection, Lack Of Energy, Mood, Pain.

When used in a diffuser, the vapours of lemon essential oil are used for colds, laryngitis, headache, and flu. The scent is helpful for mental hiccups like depression, irritation, stress, lethargy, and fatigue. It lifts the spirits and clears the mind. Adding a few drops to the bath or blending into massage oil, is said to ease digestive problems, lack of energy, tiredness, infections, obesity, rheumatism, depression, and stress.

The lemon plant is native to India and possibly China. It was brought to Europe by the Crusaders in the Middle Ages. Since the fruit has plenty of vitamins A, B, and C, an ounce a day was given to sailors to prevent scurvy, eye problems, and other vitamin deficiencies. The first real lemon cultivation in Europe began in Genoa in the mid-fifteenth century. It was later introduced to America by Christopher Columbus. Spanish conquests helped spread lemon seeds farther. Lemon was mainly used as an ornament and as medicine.

Lemon oil has a sharp, fresh smell and is extracted from fresh Italian lemon fruit peel by cold expression. This lemon essential oil is refreshing to the mind, sharpening concentration. It helps with rheumatism, arthritis, and gout. Skin troubles, like abscesses, boils, carbuncles, and acne, are treated with lemon essential oil. It boosts the immune system and cleanses the body.

Usage: Take a relaxing bath before bed with your CBD essential oil blend. Rub a few drops into an affected area. Mix 5 drops of essential oil in 10ml water and place in an air pod diffuser.
Contents: 10ml.
Suitable for Vegans: Yes.
Storage: Dark, cool place away from heat or direct sunlight.
Ingredients: Lemon, CBD Hemp Extract.
Manufactured in: Spain


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